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The NETmundial meeting held in São Paulo, Brazil, in April 2014, provided a reference for governments, private sector, civil society, technical community and academia from around the world to address Internet governance challenges. Its concluding document, the NETmundial Multistakeholder Statement (“Statement”), recognized that the Internet is a global resource which should be managed in the public interest. It also reaffirmed the importance of human rights to the Internet and provided a set of Internet governance Principles, as well as a Roadmap for the future evolution and improvement of the existing Internet governance framework, ensuring the full involvement of all stakeholders.

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The NETmundial Initiative recognizes the NETmundial Internet governance process Principles: multistakeholder, open, participative, consensus-driven, transparent, accountable, inclusive and equitable, distributed, collaborative, and enable meaningful participation.

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The NETmundial Initiative (“Initiative”) seeks to carry forward the cooperative spirit of São Paulo by enabling opportunities for collaboration and cooperation between all stakeholders.



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