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The Initiative will seek to complement and support the work of existing Internet governance dialogue and normative processes and institutions, including particularly the Internet Governance Forum (IGF), as well as the technical Internet community. In addition, the Initiative will not be a policy-setting body.

The NETmundial Initiative will:

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Serve as a neutral clearinghouse for issues, solutions, expertise and resources in Internet governance, and provide a platform on which diverse actors can solicit project partners and establish collaborative relationships.

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Enable open, inclusive, balanced and collaborative communities to share knowledge  and expertise, leading to best practices, suggestions, innovation and solutions to address challenges identified by the community.

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Facilitate participation in the Internet governance ecosystem, particularly in the developing world, and advance multistakeholder processes at the national and regional levels.

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Promote the application, evaluation, and implementation of the Principles and encourage community reporting efforts.

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Assist developing-country communities, governments and underserved stakeholders by enabling capacity development efforts and in networking with relevant organizations and processes in order to address gaps in policy development.

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